Athletic Department Mission & Vision

PMA Athletic Department


The mission of PMA’s Athletic Department is to provide a Challenging Catholic college preparatory athletic program in a supportive learning community that will positively affect the lives of our student-athletes, and provide opportunities for all student-athletes to grow in faith, develop their talents without limits, and live with a purpose.


PMA’s Athletic Department will excel in creating an athletic environment, where student-athletes recognize their significance within our school Athletic Programs and are encouraged to seize opportunities to grow and to lead, emerging as empowered, faith inspired and contributing members of their team and instilling pride within our school community. We will be known for visionary leadership; innovative and passionate Coaches, Educators; inspired, tenacious and optimistic student-athletes; supportive Families and an engaged community.

 Pride –

               Virtue –

                               Purpose – …….

 Recognize Your Significance,

                     Seize Your Opportunities……